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Essential Tremor
Tremor is the rhythmic shaking (hands, legs or head). The most common type of tremor is essential tremor (or familiar tremor), which is an inherited disease. Always present is a tremor of the hands, occasionally also of the legs. The tremor of the hands is present at rest and is aggravated by excitement. Often is diminished by alcohol intake.
This type of tremor must be differentiated by the toxic tremor (alcoholic tremor), the tremor of the hyperthyroidism and the tremor due to liver diseases.
Other tremors could be found after head injuries and in patients with multiple sclerosis (ataxia is usually present).

Treatment options:

  • Medications
  • Deep Brain stimulation of the thalamus (Vim DBS). This procedure has become widely accepted and received FDA approval for the DBS technology(since 1997). A recent multicenter study showed that thalamic DBS may reduce tremor up to 85% at one year follow-up. (see articles)

In our Department we use Vim DBS to treat resistant to medications tremors with high success rates.